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An enumeration of transform properties that can be driven on a RectTransform by an object.


NoneDeselects all driven properties.
AllSelects all driven properties.
AnchoredPositionXSelects driven property RectTransform.anchoredPosition.x.
AnchoredPositionYSelects driven property RectTransform.anchoredPosition.y.
AnchoredPositionZSelects driven property RectTransform.anchoredPosition3D.z.
RotationSelects driven property Transform.localRotation.
ScaleXSelects driven property Transform.localScale.x.
ScaleYSelects driven property Transform.localScale.y.
ScaleZSelects driven property Transform.localScale.z.
AnchorMinXSelects driven property RectTransform.anchorMin.x.
AnchorMinYSelects driven property RectTransform.anchorMin.y.
AnchorMaxXSelects driven property RectTransform.anchorMax.x.
AnchorMaxYSelects driven property RectTransform.anchorMax.y.
SizeDeltaXSelects driven property RectTransform.sizeDelta.x.
SizeDeltaYSelects driven property RectTransform.sizeDelta.y.
PivotXSelects driven property RectTransform.pivot.x.
PivotYSelects driven property RectTransform.pivot.y.
AnchoredPositionSelects driven property RectTransform.anchoredPosition.
AnchoredPosition3DSelects driven property RectTransform.anchoredPosition3D.
ScaleSelects driven property combining ScaleX, ScaleY && ScaleZ.
AnchorMinSelects driven property combining AnchorMinX and AnchorMinY.
AnchorMaxSelects driven property combining AnchorMaxX and AnchorMaxY.
AnchorsSelects driven property combining AnchorMinX, AnchorMinY, AnchorMaxX and AnchorMaxY.
SizeDeltaSelects driven property combining SizeDeltaX and SizeDeltaY.
PivotSelects driven property combining PivotX and PivotY.

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