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struct in UnityEngine.WSA


Implemented in:UnityEngine.CoreModule

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Defines the default look of secondary tile.

Some values are also used when a notification is sent to the same tile.


argumentsArguments to be passed for application when secondary tile is activated.
backgroundColorDefines background color for secondary tile.
backgroundColorSetDefines, whether backgroundColor should be used.
displayNameDisplay name for secondary tile.
foregroundTextDefines the style for foreground text on a secondary tile.
lockScreenBadgeLogoUri to logo, shown for secondary tile on lock screen.
lockScreenDisplayBadgeAndTileTextWhether to show secondary tile on lock screen.
phoneticNamePhonetic name for secondary tile.
roamingEnabledDefines whether secondary tile is copied to another device when application is installed by the same users account.
showNameOnSquare150x150LogoDefines whether the displayName should be shown on a medium secondary tile.
showNameOnSquare310x310LogoDefines whether the displayName should be shown on a large secondary tile.
showNameOnWide310x150LogoDefines whether the displayName should be shown on a wide secondary tile.
square150x150LogoUri to the logo for medium size tile.
square30x30LogoUri to the logo shown on tile
square310x310LogoUri to the logo for large size tile.
square70x70LogoUri to the logo for small size tile.
tileIdUnique identifier within application for a secondary tile.
wide310x150LogoUri to the logo for wide tile.


SecondaryTileDataConstructor for SecondaryTileData, sets default values for all members.

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