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The UnityWebRequest module lets you communicate with http services.


CertificateHandlerResponsible for rejecting or accepting certificates received on https requests.
DownloadHandlerManage and process HTTP response body data received from a remote server.
DownloadHandlerBufferA general-purpose DownloadHandler implementation which stores received data in a native byte buffer.
DownloadHandlerFileDownload handler for saving the downloaded data to file.
DownloadHandlerScriptAn abstract base class for user-created scripting-driven DownloadHandler implementations.
MultipartFormDataSectionA helper object for form sections containing generic, non-file data.
MultipartFormFileSectionA helper object for adding file uploads to multipart forms via the [IMultipartFormSection] API.
UnityWebRequestThe UnityWebRequest object is used to communicate with web servers.
UnityWebRequestAsyncOperationAsynchronous operation object returned from UnityWebRequest.SendWebRequest().You can yield until it continues, register an event handler with AsyncOperation.completed, or manually check whether it's done (AsyncOperation.isDone) or progress (AsyncOperation.progress).
UploadHandlerHelper object for UnityWebRequests. Manages the buffering and transmission of body data during HTTP requests.
UploadHandlerFileA specialized UploadHandler that reads data from a given file and sends raw bytes to the server as the request body.
UploadHandlerRawA general-purpose UploadHandler subclass, using a native-code memory buffer.
WWWFormHelper class to generate form data to post to web servers using the UnityWebRequest or WWW classes.

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