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Experimental: this API is experimental and might be changed or removed in the future.


class in UnityEngine.Experimental.UIElements

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The base class for all UIElements events.


bubblesReturns whether this event type bubbles up in the event propagation path.
capturableReturn whether this event is sent down the event propagation path during the capture phase.
currentTargetThe current target of the event. The current target is the element in the propagation path for which event handlers are currently being executed.
dispatchReturn whether the event is currently being dispatched to visual element. An event can not be redispatched while being dispatched. If you need to recursively redispatch an event, you should use a copy.
flagsFlags for the event.
imguiEventThe IMGUIEvent at the source of this event. This can be null as not all events are generated by IMGUI.
isDefaultPreventedReturn true if the default actions should not be executed for this event.
isImmediatePropagationStoppedReturn true if StopImmediatePropagation() has been called for this event.
isPropagationStoppedReturn true if StopPropagation() has been called for this event.
originalMousePositionThe original mouse position of the IMGUI event, before it is transformed to the local element coordinates.
propagationPhaseThe current propagation phase.
targetThe target for this event. The is the visual element that received the event. Unlike currentTarget, target does not change when the event is sent to elements along the propagation path.
timestampThe time at which the event was created.

Public Methods

DisposeImplementation of IDisposable.
GetEventTypeIdGet the type id for this event instance.
PreventDefaultCall this function to prevent the execution of the default actions for this event.
StopImmediatePropagationImmediately stop the propagation of this event. The event will not be sent to any further event handlers on the current target or on any other element in the propagation path.
StopPropagationStop the propagation of this event. The event will not be sent to any further element in the propagation path. Further event handlers on the current target will be executed.

Protected Methods

InitReset the event members to their initial value.

Static Methods

RegisterEventTypeRegister an event class to the event type system.

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