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Implemented in:UnityEditor

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SerializedObject and SerializedProperty are classes for editing properties on objects in a completely generic way that automatically handles undo and styling UI for prefabs.

SerializedObject is used in conjunction with SerializedProperty and Editor classes.

See Also: SerializedProperty class, Editor class.

#pragma strict
public class MyObject extends ScriptableObject {
	public var myInt: int = 42;
public class SerializedPropertyTest extends MonoBehaviour {
	function Start() {
		var obj: MyObject = ScriptableObject.CreateInstance.<MyObject>();
		var serializedObject: SerializedObject = new UnityEditor.SerializedObject(obj);
		var serializedPropertyMyInt: UnityEditor.SerializedProperty = serializedObject.FindProperty("myInt");
		Debug.Log("myInt " + serializedPropertyMyInt.intValue);
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

public class MyObject : ScriptableObject { public int myInt = 42; }

public class SerializedPropertyTest : MonoBehaviour { void Start() { MyObject obj = ScriptableObject.CreateInstance<MyObject>(); SerializedObject serializedObject = new UnityEditor.SerializedObject(obj);

UnityEditor.SerializedProperty serializedPropertyMyInt = serializedObject.FindProperty("myInt");

Debug.Log("myInt " + serializedPropertyMyInt.intValue); } }


contextThe context used to store and resolve ExposedReference types. This is set by the SerializedObject constructor.
isEditingMultipleObjectsDoes the serialized object represents multiple objects due to multi-object editing? (Read Only)
maxArraySizeForMultiEditingDefines the maximum size beyond which arrays cannot be edited when multiple objects are selected.
targetObjectThe inspected object (Read Only).
targetObjectsThe inspected objects (Read Only).


SerializedObjectCreate SerializedObject for inspected object.

Public Methods

ApplyModifiedPropertiesApply property modifications.
ApplyModifiedPropertiesWithoutUndoApplies property modifications without registering an undo operation.
CopyFromSerializedPropertyCopies a value from a SerializedProperty to the corresponding serialized property on the serialized object.
CopyFromSerializedPropertyIfDifferentCopies a changed value from a SerializedProperty to the corresponding serialized property on the serialized object.
FindPropertyFind serialized property by name.
GetIteratorGet the first serialized property.
SetIsDifferentCacheDirtyUpdate hasMultipleDifferentValues cache on the next /Update()/ call.
UpdateUpdate serialized object's representation.
UpdateIfRequiredOrScriptUpdate serialized object's representation, only if the object has been modified since the last call to Update or if it is a script.

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