Version: 2023.2
言語: 日本語
Terrain の作成と編集


The Unity Editor includes a built-in set of Terrain features that you can use to add landscapes to your game. In the Unity Editor, you can create multiple Terrain tiles, adjust the height or appearance of your landscape, and add trees or grass to it. At runtime, Unity optimizes built-in Terrain rendering for efficiency. The pages in this section explain the built-in options available for Terrain and how to use them.

トピック 説明
Creating and editing Terrains Add and edit Terrain GameObjects
Create Neighbor Terrains Create adjacent Terrain tiles
Terrain tools Use Terrain painting tools
Terrain Layers Create Terrain Layers
Brushes Understand Brushes and Brush settings
Trees Create and customize Trees
Wind Zones Adjust Wind Zone settings
Grass and other details Add and remove paint details
Working with Heightmaps Import and export heightmaps
Terrain settings Adjust the Terrain settings
Using Terrain at runtime Create Terrain dynamically at runtime



Terrain の作成と編集