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Unity XR 입력
Introduction to 2D

2D game development

While Unity is famous for its 3D capabilities, you can also use Unity to create 2D projects. Use this section to learn how to develop 2D projects in Unity, including how to use sprites, create Tilemaps, and use the 2D physics system in your projects.

Many areas of Unity’s documentation apply to both 2D and 3D development. This section focuses specifically on 2D-specific features and functionality. Refer to 2D or 3D Projects to decide what mode to create your project in. Refer to 2D and 3D mode settings for information on how the 2D and 3D modes differ.

항목 설명
Introduction to 2D Understand the available features of 2D projects in Unity.
2D game development quickstart guide Create a 2D game with this quickstart guide.
2D sorting Learn how sorting works in 2D projects.
Work with sprites Use Sprites within your 2D game.
Create Tilemaps Use the Tilemap system to create 2D levels.
Physics 2D Reference Use Unity’s physics system to handle physics 2D components.

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Unity XR 입력
Introduction to 2D