Version: 2022.3
言語: 日本語


class in UnityEngine



Social API へのジェネリックアクセス

Social.Active can be used to target a specific social platform implementation, but by default GameCenter is used on iOS. All other platforms default to the Local implementation which can be used for testing. See Social API Reference Manual for an overview.

The Social class should always be used as an entry point. It contains helper functions for accessing the current active implementation and always uses the interfaces of the other Social API classes. This way it is easier to use versions of the interfaces which have been extended beyond the generic API by the implementation.

There are various classes associated with the Social API and all of these reside in the UnityEngine.SocialPlatforms namespace. You need to import/use this namespace in order to use these classes.

See Also: SocialPlatforms.GameCenter.GameCenterPlatform.

Static 変数

ActiveThis is the currently active social platform.

Static 関数

CreateAchievementIAchievement インスタンスを作成します
CreateLeaderboardLeaderboard インスタンスを作成します
LoadAchievementDescriptionsLoads the achievement descriptions associated with this application.
LoadAchievementsログインユーザーがすでに達成、進捗報告をした Achievement を読み込みます
LoadScores与えられた Leaderboard のデフォルトのスコアのセットを読み込みます
LoadUsersLoad the user profiles associated with the given array of user IDs.
ReportProgressAchievement の進捗を報告します
ReportScore特定の Leaderboard にスコアを報告します
ShowAchievementsUIゲームの Achievement のデフォルトとシステムビューを表示します
ShowLeaderboardUIゲームの Leaderboard のデフォルトとシステムビューを表示します