This enum describes what should be done on the render target when the GPU is done rendering into it.

When the GPU is done rendering into a render target, this setting specifies the action that should be performed on the rendering results. Tile-based GPUs may get performance advantage if the store action is DontCare. For example, this setting can be useful if the depth buffer contents are not needed after rendering the frame.

すべてのプラットフォームが load/store アクションを行うというわけではない点に注意してください。したがって、この設定はランタイム時無視されることがあります。一般的に、モバイル志向のグラフィックス API (OpenGL ES、Metal) は、これらの設定を利用します。


StoreThe RenderBuffer contents need to be stored to RAM. If the surface has MSAA enabled, this stores the non-resolved surface.
ResolveResolve the (MSAA'd) surface. Currently only used with the RenderPass API.
StoreAndResolveResolve the (MSAA'd) surface, but also store the multisampled version. Currently only used with the RenderPass API.
DontCareThe contents of the RenderBuffer are not needed and can be discarded. Tile-based GPUs will skip writing out the surface contents altogether, providing performance boost.