struct in UnityEngine.Rendering



Describes a render target with one or more color buffers, a depth/stencil buffer and the associated load/store-actions that are applied when the render target is active.

This data structure is similiar to RenderTargetSetup, but relies on a RenderTargetIdentifier to ensure compatability with CommandBuffer.SetRenderTarget.

To render to a specific mip-level, cubemap face or depth slice the RenderTargetIdentifier should be created accordingly.

Note: the number of load- and store-actions specified for color buffers must be equal to the number of color buffers.

関連項目: CommandBuffer.


colorLoadActionsLoad actions for color buffers.
colorRenderTargetsColor buffers to use as render targets.
colorStoreActionsStore actions for color buffers.
depthLoadActionLoad action for the depth/stencil buffer.
depthRenderTargetDepth/stencil buffer to use as render target.
depthStoreActionStore action for the depth/stencil buffer.


RenderTargetBindingConstructs RenderTargetBinding.