Version: 2021.3
言語: 日本語


class in UnityEditor



Android 特有のプレイヤー設定

Static 変数

androidIsGamePublish the build as a game rather than a regular application. This option affects devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop and later.
androidTargetDevicesSelect which devices are allowed to run the Android application (all devices, mobile phones, tablets, and TV devices only, or Chrome OS devices only).
androidTVCompatibilityAndroid TV と互換性があるビルドを提供します。
ARCoreEnabledEnable support for Google ARCore on supported devices.
blitTypeChoose how content is drawn to the screen.
buildApkPerCpuArchitectureCreate a separate APK for each CPU architecture.
bundleVersionCodeAndroid のバンドルバージョンコード
chromeosInputEmulationUn-check to disable Chrome OS's default behaviour of converting mouse and touchpad input events into touchscreen input events.
defaultWindowHeightThe default vertical size of the Android Player window in pixels.
defaultWindowWidthThe default horizontal size of the Android Player window in pixels.
disableDepthAndStencilBuffersデプス と ステンシルバッファを無効にします。
forceSDCardPermissionSD カード使用のパーミッションを強制的に有効にします
fullscreenModeThe display mode for Android Player builds of your application.
keyaliasNameAndroid キーエイリアス名
keyaliasPassAndroid キーエイリアスパスワード
keystoreNameAndroid のキーストア名
keystorePassAndroid キーストアパスワード
licenseVerificationLicense Verification フラグ
maxAspectRatioMaximum aspect ratio which is supported by the application.
minifyDebugEnable to minify debug build.
minifyReleaseEnable to minify release build.
minifyWithR8Use R8 to perform minification.
minimumWindowHeightThe minimum vertical size of the Android Player window in pixels.
minimumWindowWidthThe minimum horizontal size of the Android Player window in pixels.
minSdkVersionThe minimum API level required for your application to run.
optimizedFramePacingEnable optimized frame pacing.
renderOutsideSafeAreaExtends rendering layout into display cutout area, utilizing all of the available screen space.
resizableWindowIndicates whether Android Player build of your application support a resizable window.
showActivityIndicatorOnLoadingロード時にアプリケーションが表示すべき ActivityIndicator
splashScreenScaleAndroid スプラッシュ画面のスケールモード
startInFullscreenStart in fullscreen mode.
targetArchitecturesA set of CPU architectures for the Android build target.
targetSdkVersionThe target API level of your application.
useAPKExpansionFilesAPK 拡張ファイルを使用します
useCustomKeystoreEnable application signing with a custom keystore.