Version: 2019.4


class in UnityEngine



Gizmos are used to give visual debugging or setup aids in the Scene view.

All gizmo drawing has to be done in either OnDrawGizmos or OnDrawGizmosSelected functions of the script.
OnDrawGizmos is called every frame. All gizmos rendered within OnDrawGizmos are pickable. OnDrawGizmosSelected is called only if the object the script is attached to is selected.

Static 変数

exposureSet a texture that contains the exposure correction for LightProbe gizmos. The value is sampled from the red channel in the middle of the texture.
matrixSets the Matrix4x4 that the Unity Editor uses to draw Gizmos.

Static 関数

DrawFrustum位置と回転のために設定されている Gizmos.matrix を使用してカメラの錐台を描画します
DrawGUITextureDraw a texture in the Scene.
DrawIconDraw an icon at a position in the Scene view.
DrawLine from から to に向かってラインを描画します
DrawRay from から from + direction に向けてレイを描画します
DrawSphere center と radius から球体を描画します
DrawWireCube center と size からキューブを描画します
DrawWireSphere center と radius からワイヤーフレームの球体を描画します