Version: 2021.3
言語: 日本語


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GenericMenu lets you create custom context menus and dropdown menus.

The example below opens an Editor window with a button. Clicking the button displays a context menu, which lets you change the color to apply to the GUI in the window. Copy the example's contents into a script called GenericMenuExample.cs and put it into a folder in your project called Editor.


using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

public class GenericMenuExample : EditorWindow { // open the window from the menu item Example -> GUI Color [MenuItem("Example/GUI Color")] static void Init() { EditorWindow window = GetWindow<GenericMenuExample>(); window.position = new Rect(50f, 50f, 200f, 24f); window.Show(); }

// serialize field on window so its value will be saved when Unity recompiles [SerializeField] Color m_Color = Color.white;

void OnEnable() { titleContent = new GUIContent("GUI Color"); }

// a method to simplify adding menu items void AddMenuItemForColor(GenericMenu menu, string menuPath, Color color) { // the menu item is marked as selected if it matches the current value of m_Color menu.AddItem(new GUIContent(menuPath), m_Color.Equals(color), OnColorSelected, color); }

// the GenericMenu.MenuFunction2 event handler for when a menu item is selected void OnColorSelected(object color) { m_Color = (Color)color; }

void OnGUI() { // set the GUI to use the color stored in m_Color GUI.color = m_Color;

// display the GenericMenu when pressing a button if (GUILayout.Button("Select GUI Color")) { // create the menu and add items to it GenericMenu menu = new GenericMenu();

// forward slashes nest menu items under submenus AddMenuItemForColor(menu, "RGB/Red",; AddMenuItemForColor(menu, "RGB/Green",; AddMenuItemForColor(menu, "RGB/Blue",;

// an empty string will create a separator at the top level menu.AddSeparator("");

AddMenuItemForColor(menu, "CMYK/Cyan", Color.cyan); AddMenuItemForColor(menu, "CMYK/Yellow", Color.yellow); AddMenuItemForColor(menu, "CMYK/Magenta", Color.magenta); // a trailing slash will nest a separator in a submenu menu.AddSeparator("CMYK/"); AddMenuItemForColor(menu, "CMYK/Black",;


AddMenuItemForColor(menu, "White", Color.white);

// display the menu menu.ShowAsContext(); } } }


allowDuplicateNamesAllow the menu to have multiple items with the same name.

Public 関数

DropDown今まで追加されたメニューを Rect 範囲内でドロップダウンメニューとして表示します