Version: 2020.3





API levels that can be specified in scripts. Note that the lowest API level here strictly corresponds to the lowest supported API level, however these values should not be used to determine the highest supported API level.


AndroidApiLevelAutoSets the target API level automatically, according to the latest installed SDK on your computer.
AndroidApiLevel19Android 4.4、"KitKat"、API level 19.
AndroidApiLevel21Android 5.0, "Lollipop", API level 21.
AndroidApiLevel22Android 5.1, "Lollipop", API level 22.
AndroidApiLevel23Android 6.0, "Marshmallow", API level 23.
AndroidApiLevel24Android 7.0, "Nougat", API level 24.
AndroidApiLevel25Android 7.1, "Nougat", API level 25.
AndroidApiLevel26Android 8.0, "Oreo", API level 26.
AndroidApiLevel27Android 8.1, "Oreo", API level 27.
AndroidApiLevel28Android 9.0, "Pie", API level 28.
AndroidApiLevel29Android 10.0, API level 29.
AndroidApiLevel30Android 11.0, API level 30.