Version: 2020.3
Asset Store packages

Unity’s Asset Store

The Unity Asset Store contains a library of free and commercial assets that Unity Technologies as well as members of the community create. A wide variety of assets are available, including Textures, Models, animations, entire project examples, tutorials, and Editor extensions.

Starting from Unity 2020.1, the dedicated Asset Store window is no longer hosted inside the Unity Editor. However, you can still access the Asset Store website at and you can still search for your purchased and downloaded Asset Store packages, as well as import and download them directly in the Package Manager window.

This section contains information for both consumers and providers of Asset Store products:

  • Asset Store packages contains information on how to find, acquire, and organize your Asset Store packages directly on the Asset Store website.
  • Publishing to the Asset Store helps guide Asset Store package producers through creating, marketing, and managing Asset Store packages for the Unity community.

Asset Store ウェブサイト

Asset Store にアクセスするにはウェブブラウザーを開き、 に移動します。

From the Asset Stores website, you can find Asset Store packages to purchase and see the list of assets you already own
From the Asset Store’s website, you can find Asset Store packages to purchase and see the list of assets you already own

(A) Collection menus help you narrow down the list of matching Asset Store packages. They group related Asset Store packages together and display them in the list. For example, you can select Terrain from the Tools menu to see Asset Store packages that contain terrain-building tools.

(B) The search box lets you search for an Asset Store package by entering a keyword, such as the Asset Store package’s name, a word or phrase in its description, or a filename matching any files in the Asset Store package.

(C) クイックリンクは以下のエリアへのアクセスを提供します。

  • アカウントに購入またはダウンロードしたアセットのリスト (My Assets ページ)
  • お気に入り としてマークしたアセットのリスト
  • ショッピングカート
  • アセットストア アプリケーション (DashboardConnectAnswersForumDistribute など)
  • Unity ID (アカウント)。ここでは、カスタムリスト、ライセンス、通知、 データプライバシーなどの設定を表示および変更したり、バウチャーを利用したり、Asset Store のクレジットを確認したりできます。

(D) The list of Asset Store packages that match any searches, filters, sorting, or categories you select. In addition, Unity displays suggestions and special lists of Asset Store packages here.

(E) The filter sidebar helps narrow down the list of Asset Store packages displayed. You can apply these filters to any searches, categories, selections, or sorting schemes you make.

  • Asset Store タブは、2020.1 にエディターから削除NewIn20201
  • Package Manager の MyAssets フィルターは 2019.3 に追加NewIn20193

Asset Store packages