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public static function Sin(f: float): float;
public static float Sin(float f);


f ラジアンとしての引数


float -1 と +1 の間の戻り値


ラジアンで表された角度 f のサイン (正弦) を返します。

no example available in JavaScript
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class PolyDrawExample : MonoBehaviour { public int numberOfSides; public float polygonRadius; public Vector2 polygonCenter;

void Update() { DebugDrawPolygon(polygonCenter, polygonRadius, numberOfSides); }

// Draw a polygon in the XY plane with a specfied position, number of sides // and radius. void DebugDrawPolygon(Vector2 center, float radius, int numSides) { // The corner that is used to start the polygon (parallel to the X axis). Vector2 startCorner = new Vector2(radius, 0) + polygonCenter;

// The "previous" corner point, initialised to the starting corner. Vector2 previousCorner = startCorner;

// For each corner after the starting corner... for (int i = 1; i < numSides; i++) { // Calculate the angle of the corner in radians. float cornerAngle = 2f * Mathf.PI / (float) numSides * i;

// Get the X and Y coordinates of the corner point. Vector2 currentCorner = new Vector2(Mathf.Cos(cornerAngle) * radius, Mathf.Sin(cornerAngle) * radius) + polygonCenter;

// Draw a side of the polygon by connecting the current corner to the previous one. Debug.DrawLine(currentCorner, previousCorner);

// Having used the current corner, it now becomes the previous corner. previousCorner = currentCorner; }

// Draw the final side by connecting the last corner to the starting corner. Debug.DrawLine(startCorner, previousCorner); } }