Version: 2021.1
  • C#


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The Tilemap module implements the Tilemap class.


CustomGridBrushAttributeAttribute to define the class as a grid brush and to make it available in the palette window.
GridBrushBaseBase class for authoring data on a grid with grid painting tools like paint, erase, pick, select and fill.
ITilemapClass passed onto Tiles when information is queried from the Tiles.
TileClass for a default tile in the Tilemap.
TileBaseBase class for a tile in the Tilemap.
TilemapThe Tilemap stores Sprites in a layout marked by a Grid component.
TilemapCollider2DCollider for 2D physics representing shapes defined by the corresponding Tilemap.
TilemapRendererThe tile map renderer is used to render the tile map marked out by a tile map component and a grid component.


TileAnimationDataA Struct for the required data for animating a Tile.
TileDataA Struct for the required data for rendering a Tile.


TileFlagsFlags controlling behavior for the TileBase.