Version: 2021.1
  • C#


class in UnityEditor

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Use this class to render an interactive preview of a mesh.

Use this class from an ObjectPreview or Editor.OnPreviewGUI to render an interactive mesh preview.


meshThe Mesh to display in the preview space.


MeshPreviewCreates a new MeshPreview instance with a Mesh target.

Public Methods

DisposeReleases allocated resources associated with this object.
OnPreviewGUICall this from an Editor.OnPreviewGUI or ObjectPreview.OnPreviewGUI to draw a mesh preview.
OnPreviewSettingsCall this from Editor.OnPreviewSettings or ObjectPreview.OnPreviewSettings to draw additional settings related to the mesh preview.
RenderStaticPreviewCreates a texture preview to override Editor.RenderStaticPreview. The current mesh will be drawn.

Static Methods

GetInfoStringReturns a short summary of the Mesh attributes (ex, does this mesh contain positions, normals, tangents, etc...).