Version: 2021.1
  • C#


class in UnityEditor.Search

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The search context includes all the data necessary to perform a query. It allows the full customization of how a query may be performed.


filterIdExplicit filter ID. Usually it is the first search token like h:, p: to do an explicit search for a given search provider. Can be null.
focusedWindowEditor window that initiated the search.
optionsSearch context options.
progressIdProgress handle to display the progress bar for the search currently in progress.
providersWhich search providers are active for this particular context.
searchInProgressIndicates if an asynchronous search is currently in progress for this context.
searchPhraseReturns a phrase that contains only words separated by spaces.
searchQueryProcessed search query (no filterId, no textFilters).
searchQueryOffsetCharacter offset of the processed search query in the raw search text.
searchTextRaw search text (what is in the Search text box).
searchViewThe search view presenting the search results.
searchWordsSearch query tokenized by words. All text filters are discarded and all words are in lowercase.
selectionReturns the search result selection if any.
textFiltersAll tokens containing a colon (':').
wantsMoreIndicates if the search should return all the results instead of only the most relevant.


SearchContextCreates a new search context.

Public Methods

AddSearchQueryErrorAdds a new query error on this context.
AddSearchQueryErrorsAdds new query errors on this context.
DisposeDispose of the Search Context.
IsEnabledChecks if a search provider is available to process a query.
SetFilterEnables or disables a single search provider. A disabled search provider won't be asked to provide items to resolve the query.


asyncItemReceivedThis event is used to receive any asynchronous search result.
sessionEndedInvoked when a Search has ended.
sessionStartedInvoked when a Search is started.