Version: 2021.1
  • C#



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Defines what details are shown in the preview inspector panel for the search view.


internal static SearchProvider CreateProvider()
    return new SearchProvider(id, name)
        active = false,
        filterId = "hex:",
        priority = 99999, // put example provider at a low priority
        showDetailsOptions = ShowDetailsOptions.Description | ShowDetailsOptions.Preview,
        fetchItems = (context, items, provider) =>
            var expression = context.searchQuery;
            if (expression.Length == 6 && IsHex(expression))
                expression = "#" + expression;
                items.Add(provider.CreateItem(context, expression, GetColorName(expression),
                    "Look at this " + GetColorName(expression) + " color!",
                    CreateTextureFromColor(expression, 64, 64), null));
            return null;
        fetchPreview = (item, context, size, options) =>
            return CreateTextureFromColor(, (int)size.x, (int)size.y);


NoneNo options are defined.
PreviewShow a large preview.
InspectorShow an embedded inspector for the selected object.
ActionsShows selected item possible actions.
DescriptionShow an extended item description.
ListViewIndicates that this search provider wants to display its items in a list view if possible.
DefaultGroupIndicates that the provider will always be displayed as a group (tab) even if the result set is empty.
DefaultDefault set of options used when SearchProvider.showDetails is set to true.