Version: 2021.1
  • C#


class in UnityEditor.SearchService

Implements interfaces:ISearchContext

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A search context implementation for ObjectSelector search engines. All methods that are called on an ObjectSelector search engine, and expect a ISearchContext, receive an object of this type.


allowedInstanceIdsIEnumerable of integers that contains the instanceIds of objects that the search can include in its results.
currentObjectIdentifies the currently selected object.
editedObjectsWhen the object selector is opened from an Inspector, this property indicates which objects are currently being edited.
engineScopeAn enum that identifies the scope of the current search. This property is automatically set to SearchService.ObjectSelector.EngineScope.
guidA unique identifier for this search context.
requiredTypeNamesAn IEnumerable of strings that contains the type name constraints for this search.
requiredTypesAn IEnumerable of types that contains the type constraints for this search.
selectorConstraintA function that, when called, indicates whether the object selector should show an item.
visibleObjectsIndicates which categories of objects are visible in the window. For example, GameObjects, Assets, or both.