Version: 2021.1
  • C#


struct in UnityEditor.AssetImporters

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Struct that represents how Sprite asset should be generated when calling TextureGenerator.GenerateTexture.


alignmentPivot value represented by SpriteAlignment.
borderBorder value for the generated Sprite.
nameName for the generated Sprite.
outlineSprite Asset creation uses this outline when it generates the Mesh for the Sprite. If this is not given, SpriteImportData.tesselationDetail will be used to determine the mesh detail.
pivotPivot value represented in Vector2.
rectPosition and size of the Sprite in a given texture.
spriteIDAn identifier given to a Sprite. Use this to identify which data was used to generate that Sprite.
tessellationDetailControls mesh generation detail. This value will be ignored if SpriteImportData.ouline is provided.