Version: 2021.1
  • C#


class in UnityEditor.IMGUI.Controls


Inherits from:IMGUI.Controls.PrimitiveBoundsHandle

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A compound handle to edit a box-shaped bounding volume in the Scene view.

2D and 3D BoxBoundsHandle in the Scene View.

See Also: PrimitiveBoundsHandle.


sizeReturns or specifies the size of the bounding box.


BoxBoundsHandleCreate a new instance of the BoxBoundsHandle class.

Protected Methods

DrawWireframeDraw a wireframe box for this instance.

Inherited Members


axesFlags specifying which axes should display control handles.
centerReturns or specifies the center of the bounding volume for the handle.
handleColorReturns or specifies the color of the control handles.
midpointHandleDrawFunctionAn optional CapFunction to use when displaying the control handles. Defaults to Handles.DotHandleCap if no value is specified.
midpointHandleSizeFunctionThe SizeFunction to specify how large the midpoint control handles should be.
wireframeColorReturns or specifies the color of the wireframe shape.

Public Methods

DrawHandleA function to display this instance in the current handle camera using its current configuration.
SetColorSets handleColor and wireframeColor to the same value.

Protected Methods

GetSizeGets the current size of the bounding volume for this instance.
IsAxisEnabledGets a value indicating whether the specified axis is enabled for the current instance.
OnHandleChangedA callback for when a control handle was dragged in the Scene.
SetSizeSets the current size of the bounding volume for this instance.

Static Methods

DefaultMidpointHandleSizeFunctionA SizeFunction that returns a fixed screen-space size.