Version: 2021.1
  • C#


class in UnityEditor.Search


Inherits from:Search.Query_2

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Provides methods to define an operation that can be used to filter a data set.

<T>: The filtered data type.


returnPayloadIfEmptyBoolean. Indicates if the original payload should be returned when the query is empty.

Public Methods

ApplyApplies the filtering on an IEnumerable data set.
TestTests the query on a single object. Returns true if the test passes.

Inherited Members


errorsA list of QueryErrors.
textThe text that generated the query.
tokensThe list of tokens found in the query.
validIndicates if the query is valid or not.

Public Methods

ApplyApplies the filtering on a payload.
GetNodeAtPositionGet the query node located at the specified index position in the query.
OptimizeOptimizes the query by optimizing the underlying filtering graph.