Version: 2021.1
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Indicates how the search item description needs to be formatted when presented to the user.

private static SearchItem SearchLogEntry(SearchContext context, SearchProvider provider, LogEntry logEntry)
    if (!SearchUtils.MatchSearchGroups(context, logEntry.msgLowerCased, true))
        return null;

    var logItem = provider.CreateItem(context,, ~logEntry.lineNumber, logEntry.msg, null, null, logEntry);
    logItem.options = SearchItemOptions.Ellipsis | SearchItemOptions.RightToLeft | SearchItemOptions.Highlight;
    return logItem;


NoneUses default description.
EllipsisIf the description is longer than the width of the search view, truncates the description and adds an ellipsis.
RightToLeftIf the description is longer than the search view, keeps the last characters.
HighlightHighlights parts of the description that match the Search Query.
FuzzyHighlightHighlights parts of the description that match the Fuzzy Search Query.
CompactedUses Label instead of description for shorter display.
AlwaysRefreshIndicates that the item will always be refreshed.
FullDescriptionThe item description that is displayed in full mode. This is usually the case when the description is displayed in the Preview Inspector as opposed to the Result View.