Version: 2021.1
  • C#


class in UnityEditor.Search

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Principal Search API to initiate searches and fetch results.

Make sure to check SearchService.Request for a complete list of all the different ways to execute a search request.

using System.Linq;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEditor;
using UnityEditor.Search;
using UnityEngine;

static class Example_SearchService
    public static void Run()
        void OnSearchCompleted(SearchContext context, IList<SearchItem> items)
            foreach (var item in items)

        SearchService.Request("*.cs", OnSearchCompleted);

    public static void RunProviders()
        // Print special search providers
        foreach (var provider in SearchService.Providers.Where(p => p.isExplicitProvider))
            Debug.Log($"Special Search Provider {} ({})");

    public static void RunOrderedProviders()
        // Print providers by their search priority when a query is executed.
        foreach (var provider in SearchService.OrderedProviders)
            Debug.Log($"[{provider.priority}] {} ({})");

Static Properties

OrderedProvidersReturns the list of search providers sorted by priority.
ProvidersReturns the list of all search providers (active or not).

Static Methods

CreateContextCreates context from a list of search provider IDs.
GetActionReturns the search action for a given search provider and search action ID.
GetItemsInitiates a search and returns all search items matching the search context. Other items can be found later using asynchronous searches.
GetProviderReturns the data of a search provider given its ID.
RefreshClears everything and reloads all search providers. Use with care. Useful for unit tests.
RefreshWindowsRefresh all currently opened Search windows.
RequestExecutes a search request that will fetch search results asynchronously.
SetActiveActivates or deactivates a search provider. Call Refresh after this to take effect on the next search.
ShowContextualOpen the search window using a specific context (activating specific filters).
ShowPickerOpen a search item picker window.
ShowWindowCreates a new search window.