Version: 2021.1
  • C#


struct in UnityEditor.MemoryProfiler

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Description of a C++ unity object in memory.


hideFlagsThe hideFlags this native object has.
instanceIdInstanceId of this object.
isDontDestroyOnLoadHas this object has been marked as DontDestroyOnLoad?
isManagerIs this native object an internal Unity manager object?
isPersistentIs this object persistent? (Assets are persistent, objects stored in Scenes and dynamically created objects are not persistent).
nameName of this object.
nativeObjectAddressThe memory address of the native C++ object. This matches the "m_CachedPtr" field of UnityEngine.Object.
nativeTypeArrayIndexThe index used to obtain the native C++ type description from the PackedMemorySnapshot.nativeTypes array.
sizeSize in bytes of this object.