Version: 2021.1
  • C#


class in UnityEditor.Search.Providers


Inherits from:Search.QueryEngineFilterAttribute

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Custom attribute is used to customize the search engine used by the scene search provider.

This sample shows to use the SceneQueryEngineFilter attribute to customize the search engine used by the scene search provider.

The scene search provider allows the user to search for scene objects using custom filters, such as is:prefab prefab:modified, etc.

The following example shows how you can add a property filter lights>=1 to search meshes that are affected but one or more lights.

[SceneQueryEngineFilter("lights", new[] { "=", "!=", "<", ">", "<=", ">=" })]
internal static int? MeshRendererAffectedByLightsSceneFilter(GameObject go)
    if (!go.TryGetComponent<MeshRenderer>(out var meshRenderer))
        return null;

    if (!meshRenderer.isVisible)
        return null;

    var lightEffectCount = 0;
    var gp = go.transform.position;
    foreach (var light in Object.FindObjectsOfType<Light>())
        if (!light.isActiveAndEnabled)

        var lp = light.transform.position;

        var distance = Vector3.Distance(gp, lp);
        if (distance > light.range)

        if (light.type == UnityEngine.LightType.Spot)
            var da = Vector3.Dot(light.transform.forward, lp - gp);
            if (da > Mathf.Deg2Rad * light.spotAngle)


    return lightEffectCount;


SceneQueryEngineFilterAttributeCreate a filter with the corresponding token and supported operators.

Inherited Members


comparisonOptionsString comparison options.
overridesStringComparisonFlag indicating if the filter overrides the global string comparison options. Set to true when the comparisonOptions are used.
paramTransformerFunctionName of the parameter transformer function to use with this filter. Tag the parameter transformer function with the appropriate ParameterTransformer attribute.
supportedOperatorsList of supported operator tokens. Null for all operators.
tokenThe identifier of the filter. Typically what precedes the operator in a filter (i.e. "id" in "id>=2").
useParamTransformerFlag indicating if this filter uses a parameter transformer function. Set to true when paramTransformerFunction is used.