Version: 2021.1
  • C#


class in UnityEditor.Search

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Base class for a document Indexer which provides methods for retrieving a document given a specific pattern in roughly log(n). This allows you to search a large index more quickly.

using UnityEditor;
using UnityEditor.Search;
using UnityEngine;

static class Example_SearchIndexer
    public static void Run()
        // Create a search indexer
        var searchIndexer = new SearchIndexer("SearchIndexerExample");

        // Indicate that searchIndexer is about to index documents

        // Add some documents
        var unityDocumentIndex = searchIndexer.AddDocument("Unity Technologies");

        // Index some words
        var baseScore = 42;
        searchIndexer.AddWord("unity", baseScore, unityDocumentIndex);
        searchIndexer.AddWord("is", baseScore, unityDocumentIndex);
        searchIndexer.AddWord("awesome", baseScore, unityDocumentIndex);

        // Indicate that searchIndexer is finished indexing documents and is ready to search.

        // Wait for the indexation to finish.
        while (!searchIndexer.IsReady())

        // Search the index
        foreach (var result in searchIndexer.Search("uni"))
            Debug.Log($"Found document [{result.index}] {} ({result.score})");


documentCountReturns the number of documents in the index.
keywordCountReturns the number keywords in the index.
minWordIndexationLengthMinimal indexed word size. Default is 2.
nameName of the index. Generally this name is set by a user from SearchDatabase.Settings.
resolveDocumentHandlerHandler used to resolve a document ID to some other data string.
skipEntryHandlerHandler used to skip entries.


SearchIndexerCreates a new default SearchIndexer.

Public Methods

AddDocumentAdds a new document to be indexed.
AddExactWordAdds a new word coming from a document to the index. The word is added with multiple variations allowing partial search.
AddNumberAdds a key-number value pair to the index. The key won't be added with variations.
AddPropertyAdds a property value to the index. A property is specified with a key and a string value. The value will be stored with multiple variations.
AddWordAdds a new word coming from a document to the index. The word is added with multiple variations allowing partial search.
FinishFinalizes the current index, sorting and compiling of all the indexes.
GetDocumentReturns a search document by its index.
GetMetaInfoGet metadata of a specific document.
IndexDocumentFunction to override in a concrete SearchIndexer to index the content of a document.
IsReadyIndicates if the index is fully built, up to date, and ready for search.
LoadBytesLoads the index asynchronously (in another thread) from a binary buffer.
ReadReads a stream and populates the index from it.
SaveBytesGet the bytes representation of this index. See SearchIndexer.Write.
SearchRuns a search query in the index.
SetMetaInfoSet arbiraty metadata on a specific document.
SkipEntryCalled when the index is built to see if a specified document needs to be indexed. See SearchIndexer.skipEntryHandler.
StartStarts indexing entries.
WriteWrites a binary representation of the index on a stream.