Version: 2021.1
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Inherits from:AssetImporter

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AssetImporter for importing Fonts.


ascentCalculationModeCalculation mode for determining font's ascent.
characterPaddingBorder pixels added to character images for padding. This is useful if you want to render text using a shader which needs to render outside of the character area (like an outline shader).
characterSpacingSpacing between character images in the generated texture in pixels. This is useful if you want to render text using a shader which samples pixels outside of the character area (like an outline shader).
customCharactersA custom set of characters to be included in the Font Texture.
fontNamesAn array of font names, to be used when includeFontData is set to false.
fontReferencesReferences to other fonts to be used looking for fallbacks.
fontRenderingModeFont rendering mode to use for this font.
fontSizeFont size to use for importing the characters.
fontTextureCaseUse this to adjust which characters should be imported.
fontTTFNameThe internal font name of the TTF file.
includeFontDataIf this is enabled, the actual font will be embedded into the asset for Dynamic fonts.
shouldRoundAdvanceValueSet this property to true if you want to round the internal advance width of the font to the nearest integer.

Public Methods

GenerateEditableFontCreate an editable copy of the font asset at path.

Inherited Members


assetBundleNameGet or set the AssetBundle name.
assetBundleVariantGet or set the AssetBundle variant.
assetPathThe path name of the asset for this importer. (Read Only)
importSettingsMissingThe value is true when no meta file is provided with the imported asset.
userDataGet or set any user data.
hideFlagsShould the object be hidden, saved with the Scene or modifiable by the user?
nameThe name of the object.

Public Methods

AddRemapMap a sub-asset from an imported asset (such as an FBX file) to an external Asset of the same type.
GetExternalObjectMapGets a copy of the external object map used by the AssetImporter.
RemoveRemapRemoves an item from the map of external objects.
SaveAndReimportSave asset importer settings if asset importer is dirty.
SetAssetBundleNameAndVariantSet the AssetBundle name and variant.
SupportsRemappedAssetTypeChecks if the AssetImporter supports remapping the given asset type.
GetInstanceIDGets the instance ID of the object.
ToStringReturns the name of the object.

Static Methods

GetAtPathRetrieves the asset importer for the asset at path.
DestroyRemoves a GameObject, component or asset.
DestroyImmediateDestroys the object obj immediately. You are strongly recommended to use Destroy instead.
DontDestroyOnLoadDo not destroy the target Object when loading a new Scene.
FindObjectOfTypeReturns the first active loaded object of Type type.
FindObjectsOfTypeGets a list of all loaded objects of Type type.
InstantiateClones the object original and returns the clone.


boolDoes the object exist?
operator !=Compares if two objects refer to a different object.
operator ==Compares two object references to see if they refer to the same object.