Version: 2021.1
  • C#


class in UnityEditor.Search

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Represents a query parsing error.

This class is only used in the context of SearchProviders, when performing a search. It allows a SearchProvider to report error during the parsing of the search query. Here is an example of a SearchProvider that uses a QueryEngine and reports parsing errors:

public IEnumerable<GameObject> Search(SearchContext context, SearchProvider provider, IEnumerable<GameObject> subset)
    var query = m_QueryEngine.Parse(ConvertSelectors(context.searchQuery), true);
    if (!query.valid)
        context.AddSearchQueryErrors(query.errors.Select(e => new SearchQueryError(e, context, provider)));
        return new GameObject[] {};

    IEnumerable<GameObject> gameObjects = subset ?? m_GameObjects;
    return query.Apply(gameObjects, false);

In the previous example, the function "Search" would be called by the provider's fetchItem.

In the Search window, the errors are shown when there is no result available. .


contextThe context in which this error was logged.
indexIndex where the error occurred.
lengthLength of the block that was being parsed.
providerWhich search provider logged this error.
reasonThe reason for the error.
typeThe type of query error.


SearchQueryErrorCreates a new SearchQueryError.