Version: 2021.1
  • C#


class in UnityEditor.Build.Content

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Container for holding information about where objects will be serialized in a build.

This class helps ensure that Object references can be correctly resolved in the final built data.

Note: this class and its members exist to provide low-level support for the Scriptable Build Pipeline package. This is intended for internal use only; use the Scriptable Build Pipeline package to implement a fully featured build pipeline. You can install this via the Unity Package Manager.


BuildReferenceMapDefault constructor for an empty BuildReferenceMap.

Public Methods

AddMappingAdds a mapping for a single Object to where it will be serialized out to the build.
AddMappingsAdds mappings for a set of Objects to where they will be serialized out to the build.
DisposeDispose the BuildReferenceMap destroying all internal state.
EqualsReturns true if the objects are equal.
FilterToSubsetFilters this BuildReferenceMap instance to remove references to any objects that are not in the array of ObjectIdentifiers specified by objectIds.
GetHash128Gets the hash for the BuildReferenceMap.
GetHashCodeGets the hash code for the BuildReferenceMap.
GetObjectDataISerializable method for serialization support outside of Unity's internal serialization system.