Version: 2019.2
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struct in UnityEngine


Implemented in:UnityEngine.CoreModule

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Representation of 2D vectors and points.

This structure is used in some places to represent 2D positions and vectors (e.g. texture coordinates in a Mesh or texture offsets in Material). In the majority of other cases a Vector3 is used.

Static Properties

downShorthand for writing Vector2(0, -1).
leftShorthand for writing Vector2(-1, 0).
negativeInfinityShorthand for writing Vector2(float.NegativeInfinity, float.NegativeInfinity).
oneShorthand for writing Vector2(1, 1).
positiveInfinityShorthand for writing Vector2(float.PositiveInfinity, float.PositiveInfinity).
rightShorthand for writing Vector2(1, 0).
upShorthand for writing Vector2(0, 1).
zeroShorthand for writing Vector2(0, 0).


magnitudeReturns the length of this vector (Read Only).
normalizedReturns this vector with a magnitude of 1 (Read Only).
sqrMagnitudeReturns the squared length of this vector (Read Only).
this[int]Access the x or y component using [0] or [1] respectively.
xX component of the vector.
yY component of the vector.


Vector2Constructs a new vector with given x, y components.

Public Methods

EqualsReturns true if the given vector is exactly equal to this vector.
NormalizeMakes this vector have a magnitude of 1.
SetSet x and y components of an existing Vector2.
ToStringReturns a nicely formatted string for this vector.

Static Methods

AngleReturns the unsigned angle in degrees between from and to.
ClampMagnitudeReturns a copy of vector with its magnitude clamped to maxLength.
DistanceReturns the distance between a and b.
DotDot Product of two vectors.
LerpLinearly interpolates between vectors a and b by t.
LerpUnclampedLinearly interpolates between vectors a and b by t.
MaxReturns a vector that is made from the largest components of two vectors.
MinReturns a vector that is made from the smallest components of two vectors.
MoveTowardsMoves a point current towards target.
PerpendicularReturns the 2D vector perpendicular to this 2D vector. The result is always rotated 90-degrees in a counter-clockwise direction for a 2D coordinate system where the positive Y axis goes up.
ReflectReflects a vector off the vector defined by a normal.
ScaleMultiplies two vectors component-wise.
SignedAngleReturns the signed angle in degrees between from and to.
SmoothDampGradually changes a vector towards a desired goal over time.


operator -Subtracts one vector from another.
operator *Multiplies a vector by a number.
operator /Divides a vector by a number.
operator +Adds two vectors.
operator ==Returns true if two vectors are approximately equal.
Vector2Converts a Vector3 to a Vector2.
Vector3Converts a Vector2 to a Vector3.