Version: 2019.2
  • C#


struct in UnityEngine.XR.WSA.Input


Implemented in:UnityEngine.VRModule

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Represents a snapshot of the state of a spatial interaction source (hand, voice or controller) at a given time.


anyPressedTrue if the source is in the pressed state.
graspedWhether the controller is grasped.
headPoseHead pose of the user at the time of the interaction.
menuPressedWhether or not the menu button is pressed.
propertiesAdditional properties to explore the state of the interaction source.
selectPressedDepending on the InteractionSourceType of the interaction source, this returning true could represent a number of equivalent things: main button on a clicker, air-tap on a hand, and the trigger on a motion controller. For hands, a select-press represents the user's index finger in the down position. For motion controllers, a select-press represents the controller's index-finger trigger (or primary face button, if no trigger) being fully pressed. Note that a voice command of "Select" causes an instant press and release, so you cannot poll for a voice press using this property - instead, you must use GestureRecognizer and subscribe to the Tapped event, or subscribe to the InteractionSourcePressed event from InteractionManager.
selectPressedAmountNormalized amount ([0, 1]) representing how much select is pressed.
sourceThe interaction source that this state describes.
sourcePosePose data of the interaction source at the time of the interaction.
thumbstickPositionNormalized coordinates for the position of a thumbstick.
thumbstickPressedWhether or not the thumbstick is pressed.
touchpadPositionNormalized coordinates for the position of a touchpad interaction.
touchpadPressedWhether or not the touchpad is pressed, as if a button.
touchpadTouchedWhether or not the touchpad is touched.