Version: 2019.2
  • C#


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public static float Angle(Vector2 from, Vector2 to);


fromThe vector from which the angular difference is measured.
toThe vector to which the angular difference is measured.


Returns the unsigned angle in degrees between from and to.

The angle returned is the unsigned acute angle between the two vectors. This means the smaller of the two possible angles between the two vectors is used. The result is never greater than 180 degrees.

See Also: SignedAngle function.

using UnityEngine;

public class Vector2Angle : MonoBehaviour { //Use these to get the GameObject's positions Vector2 m_MyFirstVector; Vector2 m_MySecondVector;

float m_Angle;

//You must assign to these two GameObjects in the Inspector public GameObject m_MyObject; public GameObject m_MyOtherObject;

void Start() { //Initialise the Vector m_MyFirstVector =; m_Angle = 0.0f; }

void Update() { //Fetch the first GameObject's position m_MyFirstVector = m_MyObject.transform.position; //Fetch the second GameObject's position m_MySecondVector = m_MyOtherObject.transform.position; //Find the angle for the two Vectors m_Angle = Vector2.Angle(m_MyFirstVector, m_MySecondVector); }

void OnGUI() { //Output the angle found above GUI.Label(new Rect(25, 25, 200, 40), "Angle Between Objects" + m_Angle); } }