Version: 2019.2
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Bit flags representing the resulting state of NavMeshQuery operations.

The main values are Success, Failure and InProgress. A status will usually have only one of these main flags set. The secondary flags (details) are set when specific issues have been encountered during the operation. StatusDetailMask is a bit mask that can be used to filter out these secondary flags.

Note: Issues highlighted by the presence of certain detail flags in certain situations might refer to internal structures outside the control of users, thus they will not always be able to mitigate them by taking the necessary actions in their code. Ways for handling these situations will be made available in the future.


FailureThe operation has failed.
SuccessThe operation was successful.
InProgressThe operation is in progress.
StatusDetailMaskBitmask that has 0 set for the Success, Failure and InProgress bits and 1 set for all the other flags.
WrongMagicData in the NavMesh cannot be recognized and used.
WrongVersionData in the NavMesh world has a wrong version.
OutOfMemoryOperation ran out of memory.
InvalidParamA parameter did not contain valid information, useful for carring out the NavMesh query.
BufferTooSmallThe node buffer of the query was too small to store all results.
OutOfNodesQuery ran out of node stack space during a search.
PartialResultQuery did not reach the end location, returning best guess.