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パッケージには、プロジェクトのさまざまなニーズに合わせた機能が含まれています。これには、エディターと共にインストールされる Unity のコア機能や、必要に応じてインストールできるその他のパッケージが含まれます。


If you are only interested in finding documentation or information about a specific package, click the links on the Verified packages, Preview packages and Built-in packages pages. To find a package by keyword, see the Packages by keywords page.

Unity の パッケージマネージャー (Package Manager) によるパッケージの利用に関しては、さまざまなトピックへのリンクを以下の表にまとめています。

希望するアクティビティ こちらのドキュメントを参照してください
パッケージの基本を知りたい The Concepts section explains principles and features of the Package Manager, including basic concepts like versions, manifests, registries, states, sources, and the package lifecycle, as well as dependency and resolution.

Finding packages explains how to use the Package Manager window to:

- Find specific versions of each package.
- Find Asset Store packages that you can import or download into your project.

The Package Manager window section explains how to interact with the Unity Package Manager inside Unity.
パッケージをインストールする These pages describe how to use the Package Manager window to install packages from the following sources:

- Installing from the registry
- Installing from a local folder
- Installing from a local tarball file
- Installing from a Git URL

Embedded dependencies describes where to put your package in order to embed it in your project. You can either embed a package manually or use the Scripting API to embed a package that is already installed in your project.

Switching to another package version describes how to use the Package Manager window to switch versions of a package already installed.

Removing an installed package describes how to use the Package Manager window to remove a package from your project.

Disabling a built-in package describes how to use the Package Manager window to enable and disable built-in packages.
Working with Asset Store packages For information on working with Asset Store packages directly inside the Package Manager window, see:

- Importing an Asset Store package
- Updating your Asset Store package
パッケージのトラブルシューティング If any of your project’s packages, including the Package Manager window itself, fails to load correctly, refer to the Troubleshooting and Package conflicts sections.
マニフェストの使用に関する詳細 The project manifest reference page describes each attribute, including what values are valid and what role they play.

The Inspecting packages reference page describes how to view a package manifest in the Inspector. If the package is mutable (editable), you can also use the Inspector to modify the manifest itself.
パッケージの高度な利用方法を学ぶ To get started creating scripts that interact with the Package Manager, see Scripting API for packages. It provides a high-level overview of working with the Package Manager APIs and code samples for browsing the list of packages, adding a package to a project, and embedding a package that is already installed in the project.

If you want to find out about how to use your own package registry server in addition to the standard Unity registry, see Scoped Registries.
Build and share your own tools and assets in a package The Custom packages section is a complete guide on building your own packages. It explains custom package requirements, such as naming and file structure. It also covers how to fill out the package manifest, share your package, and more.
New in Unity 2021.1
Released packages