Version: 2020.1
Precomputed lighting data
조명 데이터 에셋

Generating lighting data

In Unity, precomputed lighting is generated in the background either as an automatic process or when manually initiated. It is possible to continue working in the editor while these processes run.

When the precompute process is running, a blue progress bar will appear in the bottom right of the Editor. There are different stages which need to be completed depending on whether Baked GI or Realtime GI (deprecated) is enabled. Information on the current process is shown on top of the progress bar.

미리 계산하는 상태를 보여주는 진행 표시줄

The stages of lighting precomputation are listed below:

Realtime GI (deprecated)

  1. 지오메트리 생성
  2. 레이아웃 시스템
  3. 시스템 생성
  4. 아틀라스 생성
  5. 클러스터링
  6. 가시성
  7. 광원 전송
  8. 프로브 사면체화
  9. 프로브세트 생성


  1. 앰비언트 프로브
  2. 베이크된/실시간 레퍼런스 프로브

베이크된 GI

  1. 지오메트리 생성
  2. 아틀라싱
  3. 베이크된 시스템 생성
  4. 베이크된 리소스
  5. AO 베이크
  6. 베이크된 텍스처 익스포트
  7. 가시성 베이크
  8. 직접 베이크
  9. 앰비언트 및 이미시브
  10. 베이크 시스템 생성
  11. 베이크 런타임
  12. 가시성 업샘플링
  13. 간접 베이크
  14. 파이널 개더
  15. 프로브세트 베이크
  16. 합성

Generating data

Only static geometry is considered by Unity’s precomputed lighting solutions. To begin the lighting precompute process, you need at least one GameObject marked as ‘static’ in your Scene.

When you manually initiate a precompute, all aspects of your Scene lighting are evaluated and computed. To recalculate and bake just the Reflection Probes by themselves, click the drop-down menu attached to the Generate Lighting button in the Lighting window.

NOTE: When using Auto Generate mode, Unity stores your lighting data in a temporary cache with a limited size. This means that when you exceed the cache’s size, Unity deletes old lighting data. A problem might occur when building your project if some of your Scenes rely on auto-generated lighting data that has been deleted. In this case, your Scenes might not have the correct lighting in the built project. Therefore, before building your game, you should uncheck Auto Generate, and generate the lighting data manually for all your Scenes. Unity then saves your lighting data as Asset files in your project folder, which means you have the data saved as part of your project and included in your build.

Precomputed lighting data
조명 데이터 에셋