Version: 2018.1
内购推荐 (IAP Promo) 集成
内购推荐 (IAP Promo) 商品目录

内购推荐 (IAP Promo) 广告位

使用__广告位__可控制__推荐 (Promotions)__ 在游戏中的显示时机和方式。应在开发者控制面板 (Developer Dashboard) 中创建__广告位__,然后在 Unity Editor 中通过代码调用它们(类似于普通的 Unity Ads 广告位)。


Create Promo Placements on the Operate page of the Developer Dashboard. Your active Project appears in the top-left corner. To create a Promo Placement:

  1. Select Monetization > Placements from the left navigation bar.

  2. Click the ADD PLACEMENT button in the top-right corner.

    Adding Placements in the Developer Dashboard

  3. Enter a Placement Name, then select whether the Placement is Rewarded or Non-rewarded (for more information on rewarded and non-rewarded ad Placements, see documentation on monetization best practices).

    Creating a new Placement in the Developer Dashboard
    Note: The dashboard auto-populates Placement IDs based on the Placement’s name. You cannot edit Placement IDs after the Placement is created, even if you updated the name. Use them to call Placements in your code using the Unity Ads API (see Unity Ads documentation on Placements and filters for more information).

  4. Select CREATE NEW PLACEMENT to save the new Placement and return to your Project’s Placements list.

  5. Select the Placement you created for IAP Promo to open its General Settings menu.

  6. Expand the Ad Types setting, then check IAP and click the SAVE button.

    Specifying the IAP Placement type.

Your Placement is now configured for use with IAP Promotions.

内购推荐 (IAP Promo) 集成
内购推荐 (IAP Promo) 商品目录