Version: 2020.2
Procedural skybox
시각 효과 컴포넌트

Skybox component reference

The Skybox component overrides the skybox that Cameras on the same GameObject draw. It gives you control over what skybox a Camera renders and is useful when you have multiple Cameras in your Scene and want to draw different skyboxes depending on the Camera.

Render pipeline compatibility

기능 Built-in Render Pipeline Universal Render Pipeline (URP) 고해상도 렌더 파이프라인(HDRP)
Skybox component Yes (1) Yes (1) No (2)


  1. The Built-in Render Pipeline, and the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) both support this component.
  2. The High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) does not support this component and instead includes multiple sky generation solutions.


프로퍼티 설명
Custom Skybox The skybox that Cameras draw if they are on the same GameObject as this component. The Material you assign to this property should use a skybox Shader.
Procedural skybox
시각 효과 컴포넌트