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A standard 4x4 transformation matrix.

A transformation matrix can perform arbitrary linear 3D transformations (i.e. translation, rotation, scale, shear etc.) and perspective transformations using homogenous coordinates. You rarely use matrices in scripts; most often using Vector3s, Quaternions and functionality of Transform class is more straightforward. Plain matrices are used in special cases like setting up nonstandard camera projection.

Consult any graphics textbook for in depth explanation of transformation matrices.

In Unity, Matrix4x4 is used by several Transform, Camera, Material and GL functions.

Matrices in unity are column major. Data is accessed as: row + (column*4). Matrices can be indexed like 2D arrays but in an expression like mat[a, b], a refers to the row index, while b refers to the column index (note that this is the opposite way round to Cartesian coordinates).

Static Variables

identity Returns the identity matrix (Read Only).
zero Returns a matrix with all elements set to zero (Read Only).


inverse The inverse of this matrix (Read Only).
isIdentity Is this the identity matrix?
this[int,int] Access element at [row, column].
transpose Returns the transpose of this matrix (Read Only).


GetColumn Get a column of the matrix.
GetRow Returns a row of the matrix.
MultiplyPoint Transforms a position by this matrix (generic).
MultiplyPoint3x4 Transforms a position by this matrix (fast).
MultiplyVector Transforms a direction by this matrix.
SetColumn Sets a column of the matrix.
SetRow Sets a row of the matrix.
SetTRS Sets this matrix to a translation, rotation and scaling matrix.
ToString Returns a nicely formatted string for this matrix.

Static Functions

Ortho Creates an orthogonal projection matrix.
Perspective Creates a perspective projection matrix.
Scale Creates a scaling matrix.
TRS Creates a translation, rotation and scaling matrix.


operator * Multiplies two matrices.