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Namespace: UnityEngine

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Raw interface to Unity's drawing functions.

This is the high-level shortcut into the optimized mesh drawing functionality of Unity.

Static Variables

activeColorBuffer Currently active color buffer (Read Only).
activeDepthBuffer Currently active depth buffer (Read Only).

Static Functions

Blit Copies source texture into destination render texture.
BlitMultiTap Copies source texture into destination, for multi-tap shader.
ClearRandomWriteTargets Clear random write targets for DX11 pixel shaders.
DrawMesh Draw a mesh.
DrawMeshNow Draw a mesh immediately.
DrawProcedural Draws a fully procedural geometry on the GPU.
DrawProceduralIndirect Draws a fully procedural geometry on the GPU.
DrawTexture Draw a texture in screen coordinates.
SetRandomWriteTarget Set random write target for DX11 pixel shaders.
SetRenderTarget Sets current render target.