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Namespace: UnityEngine


Inherits from: Object

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AssetBundles let you stream additional assets via the WWW class and instantiate them at runtime. AssetBundles are created via BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundle.

Note that bundles are not fully compatible between platforms. A bundle built for any of the standalone platforms (including webplayer) can be loaded on any of those platforms but not on iOS or Android. Furthermore, a bundle built for iOS is not compatible with Android and vice versa.

See Also: WWW.assetBundle, Loading Resources at Runtime, BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundle.

function Start () {
	var www = WWW ("http://myserver/myBundle.unity3d");
	yield www;
	// Get the designated main asset and instantiate it.


mainAsset Main asset that was supplied when building the asset bundle (Read Only).


Contains Check if an AssetBundle contains a specific object.
Load Loads object with name from the bundle.
LoadAll Loads all objects contained in the asset bundle that inherit from type.
LoadAsync Asynchronously loads object with name of a given type from the bundle.
Unload Unloads all assets in the bundle.

Static Functions

CreateFromFile Loads an asset bundle from a disk.
CreateFromMemory Asynchronously create an AssetBundle from a memory region.
CreateFromMemoryImmediate Synchronously create an AssetBundle from a memory region.

Inherited members


hideFlags Should the object be hidden, saved with the scene or modifiable by the user?
name The name of the object.


GetInstanceID Returns the instance id of the object.
ToString Returns the name of the game object.

Static Functions

Destroy Removes a gameobject, component or asset.
DestroyImmediate Destroys the object obj immediately. You are strongly recommended to use Destroy instead.
DontDestroyOnLoad Makes the object target not be destroyed automatically when loading a new scene.
FindObjectOfType Returns the first active loaded object of Type type.
FindObjectsOfType Returns a list of all active loaded objects of Type type.
Instantiate Clones the object original and returns the clone.


bool Does the object exist?
operator != Compares if two objects refer to a different object.
operator == Compares if two objects refer to the same.