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Target build platform.

See Also: BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer.


WebPlayer Build a web player.
WebPlayerStreamed Build a streamed web player.
StandaloneOSXIntel Build an OS X standalone (Intel only).
StandaloneOSXIntel64 Build an OSX Intel 64-bit standalone.
StandaloneOSXUniversal Build a universal OSX standalone.
StandaloneWindows Build a Windows standalone.
iPhone Build an iPhone player.
PS3 Build a PS3 Standalone.
XBOX360 Build a XBox Standalone.
Android Build an Android .apk standalone app.
StandaloneLinux Build a Linux standalone.
StandaloneLinux64 Build a Linux 64-bit standalone.
StandaloneLinuxUniversal Build a Linux universal standalone.
FlashPlayer Build content as an swf file for playback with Adobe Flash.
StandaloneWindows64 Build a Windows 64-bit standalone.
WP8Player Build a Windows Phone 8 player.
BlackBerry Build a BlackBerry 10 application.
PSP2 Build a PS Vita Standalone.
PS4 Build a PS4 Standalone.
PSM Build a PSM Standalone.
XboxOne Build a Xbox One Standalone.
SamsungTV Build to Samsung Smart TV platform.