Version: 2017.1
public static AsyncOperation RequestUserAuthorization (UserAuthorization mode);


Web Player で Web カメラやマイクを使用する際にユーザーに許可を求めます。

For security reasons we require you to have the user explicitly allow these features in the web player. To do so, you need to call Application.RequestUserAuthorization, which shows a dialog box to the user, and wait for operation to complete before being able to use these features. Use Application.HasUserAuthorization to query the result of the operation.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { IEnumerator Start() { yield return Application.RequestUserAuthorization(UserAuthorization.WebCam | UserAuthorization.Microphone); if (Application.HasUserAuthorization(UserAuthorization.WebCam | UserAuthorization.Microphone)) { } else { } } }

Note: The web player is not supported from 5.4.0 onwards.