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How to sort objects during rendering.

Control the way Unity sorts objects before drawing them by using and combining these flags.

The basic flags are:

Multiple flags, when combined, are applied in the above order.

Some commonly-used sorting combinations are provided for convenience. Use CommonOpaque for opaque objects. This combination of flags includes optimization for reducing draw state changes and draws roughly front-to-back to reduce drawing over the same pixels many times. Use CommonTransparent for transparent objects, which need to be sorted from back to front before being drawn for them all to be visible.

Additional resources: DrawingSettings.sorting, ScriptableRenderContext.DrawRenderers.


NoneDo not sort objects.
SortingLayerSort by renderer sorting layer.
RenderQueueSort by material render queue.
BackToFrontSort objects back to front.
QuantizedFrontToBackSort objects in rough front-to-back buckets.
OptimizeStateChangesSort objects to reduce draw state changes.
CanvasOrderSort renderers taking canvas order into account.
RendererPrioritySorts objects by renderer priority.
CommonOpaqueTypical sorting for opaque objects.
CommonTransparentTypical sorting for transparencies.