Version: 2017.1
public void SetComputeIntParams (ComputeShader computeShader, string name, params int[] values);


computeShader ComputeShader to set parameter for.
name Name of the variable in shader code.
values Values to set.


Adds a command to set multiple consecutive integer parameters on a ComputeShader.

This function can be used to set an integer vector, integer array or integer vector array values. For example, int4 myArray[2] in the compute shader can be filled by passing 8 integers. See Compute Shaders for information on data layout rules.

Constant buffers are shared between all kernels in a single compute shader asset. Therefore this function affects all kernels in the passed ComputeShader.

See Also: DispatchCompute, SetComputeIntParam, SetComputeFloatParam, SetComputeVectorParam, SetComputeTextureParam.