Version: 2020.1


Most of the time, the Asset packages you use in Unity come directly from the Asset Store, and you import them in the Package Manager window. However, if you have a .unitypackage file saved locally, for example, because you created your own custom Asset package, you can import it into your project in the Unity Editor through the Assets menu.

要在 Unity 中导入本地资源包,请执行以下操作:

1.在 Editor 中打开要向其中导入资源包的项目。

1.下载 Assets > Import Package > Custom Package。此时会显示文件浏览器,提示您找到 .unitypackage 文件。

1.在文件浏览器中,选择要导入的文件,然后单击 Open

__Import Unity Package__ 窗口将显示已选择的资源包中的所有项目,可以直接安装。

![全新安装 Import Unity Package 对话框](../uploads/Main/CustomPackageInstallDialog.png)

1.取消选择不想导入的所有项目,然后单击 Import。Unity 会将导入的资源包的内容放入 Assets 文件夹中,以便您可以从 Project 窗口中进行访问。

Note: Typically, it is easier to import assets from the Unity Asset Store using the Package Manager. However, if you want to access them directly, see Asset Packages for the path to the download folder on your operating system.