Version: 2020.1
从 3D 建模软件导入模型
Update: believable visuals in URP and HDRP

在 Unity 中制作可信的视觉效果

Note that this guide was originally created for use with the Built-in Render Pipeline in Unity 2017.3. For information on adapting this guide for use with the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) and the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP), see Update: believable visuals in URP and HDRP.

This guide looks at the fundamental steps for setting up a good baseline for believable visuals. The advice in this guide is provided by the Spotlight Team at Unity. The Spotlight Team help developers and content creators achieve the desired look and quality for their projects. They hear stories from across the industry, and can identify the common issues that customers face. Questions that often arise when making a Scene are “How do we build to a fairly realistic standard visual?” and “How do we make a Scene in Unity that looks believable?”.



  1. 为 Unity 准备资源
  2. 在 Unity 中准备渲染设置
  3. 光照策略
  4. 建模
  5. 着色
  6. 室外光照和场景设置
  7. 室内和局部光照
  8. 了解后期处理
  9. 动态光照


本指南附有 Spotlight Tunnel 示例场景

要使用此示例场景,请将项目提取到文件夹中,并在 Unity 中打开该项目。

此示例项目中提供的所有资源仅应当用于使用 Unity 开发的项目。

  • 在 Unity 2017.3 中添加了制作可信视觉效果最佳实践指南 NewIn20173
从 3D 建模软件导入模型
Update: believable visuals in URP and HDRP