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Setting up Unity Collaborate

Unity Collaborate

Unity Collaborate 是 Unity Teams 的一部分。Unity Teams 可让小团队在云端托管的环境中保存、共享和同步 Unity 项目。通过使用 Collaborate,您的整个团队都能为项目做出贡献(无论位置或角色如何)。有关 Unity Teams 的更多信息,请参阅 Unity3d 网站上的 Teams 页面

Collaborate allows you to publish your projects to the cloud for storage. Collaborate maintains a history of the published versions of your Project, allowing you to restore individual files or your entire Project to an earlier state.

您可以为项目添加团队成员;并与团队成员共同协作。Collaborate 持续监控每个团队成员所做的更改,并在他们已更改但尚未发布的文件上显示标示。

You can view the changes. You can then choose to revert the changes on your file or publish them and handle any merge conflicts that occur.

Collaborate 旨在支持多样化团队(即拥有各种开发者、艺术家、音频专家和其他专家的团队)共同开展项目。

启用 Collaborate

To enable Collaborate, select Window > General > Services from the Editor’s top menu to open the Services window, then toggle the Collaborate service on.

要在项目开发过程中启动 Collaborate,请单击 Unity Editor 顶部导航栏中显示的 Collab 按钮。

Launching Collaborate
Launching Collaborate


  • Collaborate 1.3.0 fully supports Unity versions 2020.1 and higher.
  • Collaborate 1.2.16 fully supports Unity versions 2017.1 to 2019.3.
  • 在 Unity 2017.1 之前的版本中,Collaborate 处于测试阶段(Beta 版)。

对于 Unity 2018.3 版或更高版本,可以通过软件包的形式获取 Collaborate。

Collaborate version 3.0 is verified and packaged with the Unity Engine. To use the Package Manager to change Collaborate versions in your Project, follow these steps:

  1. In the Unity Editor, select Window > Package Manager from the top menu to open the Package Manager window. 2.从包列表中选择 Unity Collaborate
  2. Under Unity Collaborate, click See all versions and select the desired package version.
  3. In the bottom right pane of the Package Manager window, click the Update to button.
更新 Unity Collaborate 包版本
更新 Unity Collaborate 包版本

Note: When using the Unity Collaborate package, you must still enable the service through the Services window to properly link your Project to the service.

Setting up Unity Collaborate